Hermes products for Enterprise are designed to help your small or large business cut costs and increase maximum productivity.

Our partners can save up to 90% on operating expenses and more than double their productivity.

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Consumer Hermes users have access to the most advanced suite of autonomous driving technology on the market.

Never fight traffic, struggle to find a parking space, walk out to your car in the rain, or get into a car accident, ever again.

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Built Compatible

Hermes' aftermarket autonomous driving solution enables you to install the latest and greatest self-driving capabilities in the vehicle you already own. Because of this, we have tailor made the Hermes Helper suite of hardware to work with every vehicle.

We will not compromise on compatability. It is Hermes' mission to equip your favorite vehicles, no matter when they were made, with cutting edge autonomous technology.

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Reliable Machine Learning

Hermes uses state of the art image segmentation neural networks that allow your vehicle to see and understand the world around them, able to recognize objects that are even hard to see for human drivers.

This is essential to serve you with the most premier road safety solution on the market. Your vehicle will be the best driver on the road, no matter where you're headed.

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Hermes Automotive is not a self-driving tech startup. We are selling safety, sustainability, freedom, and so much more. Autonomous vehicles are simply how we do it. This project will impact every facet of the global economy, increasing the efficiency of everything.


At least 95% of all auto accidents are caused by human error. The solution is clear: Stop driving.


Your commute to work should be time to eat breakfast, catch up on emails, or even just relax. Never fight traffic again.


Because autonomous vehicles are able to organize better than human drivers, Hermes can reduce carbon emissions by 35% with the same vehicles and the same fuel.

Cost Reduction

70% of the costs related to running public transportation are related to labor. Cutting these costs enables expansion into underserved areas.

Fuel Efficiency

Autonomous vehicles always accelerate and break at optimal efficiency, enabling a 5% reduction in fuel consumption, permanently.


While at work your car sits idly in the parking lot. What if it could participate in autonomous rideshare, creating passive income for you and helping others get around.


Kids need to be picked up from an early release day but you're stuck at the office? Your vehicle can safely bring them home on time so you have one less thing to worry about.


Hermes' aftermarket autonomous hardware integrates seamlessly with the vehicles you already love, no matter what that might be.

Supply Chain

Global distribution networks are under tremendous stress caused by trucker shortages. Hermes Helper technology is well positioned to fill the gap and kickstart the broader economy.

Worker Safety

Hermes' aim is not to cause unemployment, but to transition working people from dangerous transportation jobs into safe, high paying support and technology roles.


Hermes enabled vehicles are able to communicate to one another to completely eliminate traffic. When the traffic light turns green, all vehicles accelerate at the same time.

Offline Functionality

Many communities do not have reliable access to high speed mobile networks, something that we have considered in our solution.

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